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Text messages being sent to email account on my Samsung S4 (Android)

I have Samsung S4. I set up all of my email accounts including my office exchange account. Every time I get a text message they are showing up on the phone as text messages, but they are also being sent to my exchange email account. Need to stop them from going into my Exchange email account.

You need to turn off the SYNC SMS option in the exchange email settings.

(Mac OSX 10.7 and 10.8) how to format a filevault 2 encrypted volume without having the password

You need to redeploy an encrypted mac and don't have the password or the recovery key to unlock the drive?

Hold down option while turning the mac on, open up a terminal window and enter the following command at the prompt

diskutil cs list

The output should look similar to this

Last login: Thu Jan 24 09:51:14 on console
acabrera(acabrera-mbp) diskutil cs list
CoreStorage logical volume groups (1 found)
+-- Logical Volume Group 0C1598E3-3389-4A62-B291-34AD8AFC4D28 ...

3 Unsuccessful Logon Attempts to Websense Manager Causes Error - "You have exceeded the maximum number of logon attempts"


Please follow the steps below

1- Resolution Stop all of the Websense services on your machine in the following order: Network Agent, Filtering Service, User Service, and Policy Server.
2- Go to the Websense\bin directory.
3- Backup the config.xml file.
4- Open config.xml file in Notepad, Textpad, or a similar text editor.
5- Search for the phrase K2097153.
6- Edit the resulting container, removing all characters between these tags:


<data name="K2097153">89GDFRT589GFHY8RRJJKDFHJ</data>

Change to: ...

Changing VMWARE ESX Service Console IP

Changing the Service Console IP address on ESX 3.x and 4.0
Log in as root to the ESX host console using a SSH or KVM connection.
1. Run the following command to stop the network service:

service network stop
2. Run the esxcfg-vswif command to change the IP of the hosts:

esxcfg-vswif -i NEW_IP_ADDRESS -n MASK_ADDRESS vswif0

3. Edit using vi the /etc/sysconfig/network file and change the gateway IP if needed.

Note:- To use vi: ...
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VMWare Inaccessible VM

Use this procedure if:
You have an inaccessible VM
After you perform a rescan on the HBA, you have an LVM 4476 entry in the error log.

NOTES: I performed these steps while logged into Virtual Client at the server level. I did not use the Virtual Center.

1. Choose the ESX Server in viclient and Click on Configuration tab, then Advanced Settings.
2. Click on LVM -> LVM.DissallowLVMSnapshot 0 -> LVM.EnableResignature 1
3. ...
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Allow Users without Administrative Priviledge on Terminal Server to use Adobe Flash Player ActiveX Control

After much research I found an old adobe link that told me how to go in and register the flash.ocx, below are the steps to use. In my case my file was named flash10b.ocx

1. Make sure you have ADMIN privileges to the machine
2. Search your machine for the file "flash.ocx"
3. copy or write down the full path to this file. It -should- be
If the file is NOT ...

Zantaz Blows

:lol: :x :evil:
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